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2023 Registration Reports and 2022 Quarter 4 Activity Reports are due by Tuesday, January 17, 2023.

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BEGA’s Learning Management System

How to start:

  • Click this link:
  • Click the red “Register” button.
  • Complete the fields on the following screen and then click the red “Register” button in the bottom left-hand corner (Note: enter your work email address as your username).
  • Click “Sign me in” on the next screen and then sign into the LMS using the credentials you created at registration.
  • Click “Catalog” in the left-hand margin.
  • Begin taking courses.



Only the following courses on the LMS will count toward the annual ethics training requirement:

  • BGA 920 – ANC Ethics Training
  • BGA 919 – Board and Commissions Training
  • BGA 921 – Council Code of Conduct Training
  • BGA 928 – Negotiating Employment and Post Employment
  • BGA 923 – BEGA Ethics Training
  • BGA 909 – Conflicts of Interest: An Overview
  • BGA 925 – Financial Interests and Disclosure