Board of Ethics and Government Accountability

22-0078 J. Smith Negotiated Disposition

Thursday, January 5, 2023


During its January 5, 2023, meeting, the Board of Ethics and Government Accountability voted unanimously to approve a Negotiated Disposition in Case 22-0078-P (In the Matter of J. Smith).

Under the Negotiated Disposition, the Board imposed a $1,600.00 fine against the Respondent, J. Smith, for her violations of the Code of Conduct in connection with her misuse of government property and use of public office for private gain, when she used her official District email account to discuss personal matters related to her property and when she failed to provide information pertaining to real property she and her husband owned on her 2020 and 2021 Public Financial Disclosure Statement.

We are pleased to make available the Negotiated Disposition via BEGA’s website, which was signed by the Respondent, BEGA’s Director, Ms. Ashley Cooks, and BEGA’s Chairperson, Ms. Norma Hutcheson.