Board of Ethics and Government Accountability

BEGA's Statement Regarding Jack Evans' Negotiated Disposition

Friday, August 9, 2019
Case # 19-0011-P (In re Jack Evans)

During its August 8, 2019 meeting, the Board of Ethics and Government Accountability (BEGA) voted 4-0 to approve a Negotiated Disposition in Case # 19-0011-P (in the matter of Jack Evans).

Under the Negotiated Disposition in this matter, the Board has imposed a $20,000.00 fine against the Respondent, Mr. Jack Evans, for his violations of the Code of Conduct in connection with the events of January 14, 2015 and January 31, 2018, including using Council time or government resources for purposes other than official business or other government-approved or sponsored activities; requesting his Chief of Staff to perform during regular working hours personal services on his behalf not related to her official government functions and activities; and knowingly using the prestige of his office or public position for his private gain. The Respondent admitted in the Negotiated Disposition that he understood the nature of the violations of the provisions of the Code of Conduct identified above by OGE, for which OGE believes substantial evidence exists showing that Respondent’s actions violated the Code of Conduct.  The Respondent further voluntarily, knowingly, and understandingly consented to the Board’s imposition of the $20,000.00 fine against him.

This Negotiated Disposition resolves only the specific violations of the Code of Conduct arising from two emails and does not involve any other allegations against the Respondent, which remains an open OGE investigation. Moreover, this Negotiated Disposition does not bind any other District or federal government agency.

The Respondent acknowledged in his agreement that notwithstanding his Negotiated Disposition, his conduct in connection with those two emails may also subject him to the imposition of civil and/or criminal penalties by other government agencies who are not bound by the terms of his agreement with OGE.

We are pleased to make available the Negotiated Disposition via BEGA's website, which was signed by the Respondent, BEGA's Director Mr. Brenton Wolfinbarger, and BEGA's Board Chairperson Ms. Norma Hutcheson on August 8, 2019.