Board of Ethics and Government Accountability

Financial Disclosure Statement Filing Deadline - May 15th

BEGA now has oversight over Financial Disclosure Statement filing. Filers are no longer required to file OCF Form 62 or Form 35.  Instead, public officials are required to file Public Financial Disclosure Statements.  ANC Commissioners and designated District employees are required to file Confidential Financial Disclosure Statements. All Financial Disclosure Statements must be filed by May 15, 2013. 
Public Officials who must file a Public Financial Disclosure Form and ANC Commissioners who must file a Confidential Financial Disclosure form may do so electronically at the BEGA website starting on or about May 1, 2013.  Those individuals will receive a letter in the mail containing instructions and log-in information prior to that date.
District Employees who must file Confidential Financial Disclosure Statements (previously Form 35) will be notified by their agency not later than April 15th.  Unfortunately, the electronic filing feature is not available to these filers because the forms are filed with the agency head rather than with BEGA (which maintains the electronic filing system).  These filers should complete the paper form which is printable from the BEGA website and submit to the designated agency official: Confidential Financial Disclosure Statement for Employees [PDF]. 
Additional information, including important dates, the Public and Confidential Financial Disclosure Statement forms, and answers to important questions can be found on the BEGA website under the Financial Disclosure Filing tab: Financial Disclosure Filing for Public Officials and District Employees.