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Nov 8

Quarterly Complaint Report FY2023 Q4

Nov 8

FY2023 Q4 Quarterly Complaint Report

Nov 6

Respondent violated DPM 1807.1 by engaging in outside employment during her tour of duty and representing an outside entity before the District. Respondent also violated DPM 1800.3(j) by seek or...

The D.C. Council’s commendable effort on ethics

STUNG BY government scandals, the D.C. Council realized nearly four years ago that it had no choice but to do something about ethics reform. New rules and creation of an ethics board with the juice to go after wrongdoers has helped improve government conduct. Ethics reform, though, must be an ongoing process. So it’s encouraging that there are new efforts to tighten and clarify the rules that govern the conduct of elected officials and government employees.
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